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Friday, January 21, 2005

New Year

It's been ages since I last came in here and put my thoughts into words. Last year seems so far away now but actually, it's only been 3 weeks. How time flies...

Well, New year, new resolution and this year my resolution would be to get a navel piercing! heard it right! It's something that I've always wanted to do for a very long time but haven't had the guts to do so, so I've made it a resolution to keep. By the end of June, I should have a stud through my navel. If I don't, then shoot me!

Besides the resolution, I've been through a whole lot of stuff that I don't know where to even begin. Let's just say there never will be a perfect world...and you must be thinking,"this girl is dense, was she born yesterday?" OK, I've always known that the world will never be perfect because of our fallen nature but you could always hope that your family could be a bit more perfect..fat hopes...each family has it's deep dark secrets...that's what makes us Addam's family.

On top of all this, I've just discovered that a friend of mine is being a real B****! I don't know what is up his butt hole but all through our dance camp, he was just being a pain and it has come to a point that none of the girls wants to even talk to him. It's sad that he doens't realise that he has gotten on so many people's nerves. Guess he still thinks we all love him all the same..but he should seriously wake up and see the glory!!!

Another thing, i've developed a crush on someone younger!!!! I swore to myself that I would never ever let it happen again and it has! HELP!!! The worse thing about it is that he doens't know and thinks that I treat him the way I do because he's like my baby brother.Sigh...Sometimes without realizing it, life takes you to another place and you see people in a different light and I have all of a sudden. I've always found him funny and cute..good looking too...but i never thought I'd see him as someone I would like. Like as my brother is fine but as a guy???? Man...I've really gone and done it this time..

So what's wrong with the age you would ask...maybe it isn't a big deal for you but for me, it's a huge problem...But what am I to do now...he's 2 years younger!!! Sigh....till the next lament...