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Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Past That Haunts

I don't know why I'm feeling the pinch...I thought I was good to go and I wouldn't be upset by a certain person's email. But I am...damn...this is me being bloody emo again!

Would I really want to be with him? I know the answer. The answer is a definite NO. I should be over him after all the shit I've put myself through but it seems like I'm not. In my head, I know I am but I don't know why, my heart is saying something else right now.

Is it maybe it's because I've lost 2 people that I loved. Two people that broke my heart the most. But I shouldn't be upset, I'm suppose to be angry! It wasn't suppose to be this way! Why did you lead me on?! WHY??!! Why did I think I had you when I didn't? Why did you let me believe it?

But instead of staying angry, I'm feeling damn emo....

Sigh....tonight will be a night of drinking with the girls....maybe it might take this hurt I'm feeling away...


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Patience Relocated

My dear Patience has relocated herself down under where the koalas and the kangaroos live. She'll be there for one year and then who knows...*sniff sniff*......*SOB!!!!!!!!*

I remember her as the little girl...always thought something was wrong with her...hehe...But then of course, we were all weird when we were growing up. Some of us still are...*big grin*

I cried after I put down the phone on her on Monday ok....I'm suppose to be strong about this...I can take care of myself remember...but NO....I had to go all emo la!

Patience has become someone I count on to talk to when I need to bitch and release. Thanks girl! I will miss you fact, I miss you now already. I miss drinking and being merry with you and the girls already!


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Please Save The Cats & Dogs

Dear Friends,

I just received news that about 60 dogs and cats need adoption urgently between tomorrow (19 July) and Friday (21 July). These animals are scheduled for culling tomorrow, but the local MP (authorities) has given an extension to the culling date. Half the animals are licensed and belong to owners.

Tomorrow, the animals will be photographed and posted on blogs (or advertised) so that owners can locate them.If you would like to rescue these animals by adopting them, please show up tomorrow at No.1 Jln Utama, Jln Perindustrian Puchong Perdana, Selangor Malaysia; at 9am. If we can find homes for most of the animals, perhaps we can do away with the culling!

For more enquiries, contact: Kokila 0166070398 or Sham 0122238459

Kindly spread the word around! Post on blogs, and online bulletin boards.Thank you.


Monday, July 17, 2006

Miracles Do Happen

My colleague gave birth today. All this time, she thought she was going to have a baby boy as thats what she was told by the doctor. When doing the tests, she was told she would have yet another boy.

Somehow, somewhere must have went wrong or the doctor was blind, because she sent an sms to announce that she had a baby girl! (think the doctor was blind!)

She'd been wanting a baby girl and now she's has one....


Thursday, July 13, 2006


Yesterday, I had two surprises. In the afternoon, I got a call from someone whom I've not talk to in a year. He is none other than Solomon Cheong. I hadn't talked to him in quite a bit since he started dating and became a full fledge engineer. I guess he became too busy. Anyway, it was good to be able to catch up with him. It's easy with him. We make fun of each other but its always for fun's sake. Nice guy. Too bad ladies, he's taken and he's getting MARRIED!!

I think the bigger surprise for me was the long distance call I go last night. Ahhhh.....the ever so cute and adorable WinWin, my Philippino man....hehehehe...yeah right...he's not even mine to start with!

He called to surprise me! How sweet! We got to talking for a while. Finding out what each of us has been up to. Oh how I miss those SSEAYP days on and off the ship. Those were good times. Just hanging, having fun, watching the stars at night and dreaming that the journey would never end. I still dream of those times. I keep a postcard of the ship at my desk in the office just to remember my journey on that ship. Some of you have seen the pictures but I've never shown you the huge Ikea box that holds all the memories. How I wish I was on Nippon Maru, sailing the blue blue ocean with my SSEAYP family....

p/s: Big thank you to Sol and WinWin for making my day. Hugs and kisses...


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Genting, Astro Man and More

Opening for the 6th International Christian Dance Fellowship Conference was not too bad. During practices, it didn't look too good and we were kinda worried it would look bad. But surprisingly, everything pulled through. The group of us doing Hip Hop gave it our best and looking at bits and pieces of the video, we looked really good! Finally that is done. Can't wait to continue class with Joel in 2 weeks time. Woo Hoo! I'm loving each moment of Hip Hop. Now I really wish I had took dance till the end and become and an instructor.

A nice surprise was yeterday. Astro Man came along with his colleague to see me and of course, to see the new office. He is still cute. He is still funny. He is still smart and you can tell from the way he talks when he's serious. It was still teasing back and forth between us...hehehe....damn!!! This 33 year old man makes me feel like a gigly high schooler! >_<

As for my dad, he went for his scope on Monday and results came out fine. PHEW! Less one worry....Thanks to all who were praying for him.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Why Now?

This morning, as I was dirving out the house to go to work, something caught my eye. My dad's car. It had a huge dent between the passenger door and the back door. Oh my God, when did that happen? I don't even remember hearing any bang last night. Whoever the person who was driving and rammed into my dad's car, I hope one day you'll get your license revoked for driving the way you do!

What is more on my mind is the fact that more money will have to come out to get the doors fixed and the car repainted. My dad going for a scan next week so some more money coming out for that.'s always about money these days. Lord, why now????

There are many times I wished I earned more so that my mom can stop working. I wish we didn't have to keep worrying about how we're gonna pay for this or pay for that. I wish I could provide for the family and yet still have enough for my self to get by. Sadly, that is not the case.

On top of all this, there is the shifting to the new office which is totally frustrating me. We have internet but we still can't do work because we're not connected to the server. Why are we not connected to the server? Because the damn IT guy is on EL for 2 days!!!! ARGH!!!! I need to scream!!!!!

There are so many things that I cannot talk about here because it might affect certain people in my life. Some of you may already know about it and if I need to talk about it, I will come to you.