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Monday, March 31, 2008


Nowadays, I wake up early in the mornings to exercise. I try to power walk consistently every morning and so far its been great. I love the morning exercise now coz I feel very refreshed and energized.

Okok..but that's not the point of my post today. I wanna talk about a certain annoyance that happens to me every morning.

The mornings are usually filled with elderly people doing their morning exercise. Most times, they're all pretty slow as compared to someone like me who is power walking. I have this pattern whereby I keep myself to the left hand side of the path so that if runners wanna pass me, they can do it on the right. I use the traffic system as my rationale.

Thing is, most of them don't practice the same system. Instead they're walking slow on the right side. This is like driving at 50km/ph on the fast lane on the highway! I mean, come on!! Bad enough you're blocking someone, you hog the pathway too! In some cases, it's even worse. The ladies walk in twos and yack, yack and yack! What the hell??!!! And no matter how loud you try to shuffle your feet on the pathway or give a slight cough to announce that you're behind them, they don't budge!!! You try overtaking them on the right, they're blocking. Try the left, still blocking! What the duck!!! In the end, you end up saying a loud "Excuse me" causing them to move aside so you can pass through.

It irritates the hell out of my every morning without fail. I don't get it! Why can't you use the same skills you apply on the road?? I mean, it uses the same logic! If you're slow, then stay on the left! What? just coz you're not on the road means you become stupid?? For everyone's sake, use your brains and not just your mouth! ARGH!!!

ok, I'm done venting. Back to work!


Friday, March 28, 2008

You Are Not Forgotten

JoeD'Moe sent this song and I thought it was most inspiring and yet straight to the heart. Thanks Joe!

You are not forgotten - Israel and New Breed (feat Jonny Lang) - A deeper level


People walking by, very seldom they say hi,
they don't know how wonderful you are
If they only knew all the things you've been through,
if only they could see your heart
I hear you crying for help, please don't blame yourself;
You are not forgotten, you are not forgotten

When it's time to go to sleep
and you try your best to keep yourself from falling apart.
There's no need to fear, because I'm already here,
and I'm the one who sees your heart
I hear you crying for help, please don't blame yourself;
You are not forgotten, you are not forgotten

You are not just a face in the crowd, you are not a forgotten child
Let me whisper it loud, I love you, oh, I love you

You can hold your head up high, 'cause I'll make everything alright,
I'm committed to you smiling again
And eventually you'll see people's similarities, everyone just needs a friend
And when they're crying for help, you'll be able to tell them,
please tell them for Me
That You are not forgotten, you are not forgotten
Things are gonna get much better,
You are not forgotten,
Just remember, you are not forgotten

You are precious to me
I'm the one I'm the one who sees your heart
You are not forgotten

Just remember, you are not forgotten



When I first decided to quit my job and take on a new one, i told myself it was the right thing to do even with the sacrifice of my salary. If I had stayed where I am and moved on to another agency doing the same thing, I would be earning 50% more than my previous salary. But instead, I took the plunge and made the sacrifice whereby only getting an increment of 10% from my previous job.

Most people said I was brave to take such a move. My answer to them was that it was my passion. It was something that I really wanted to do in my life.

Now after nearly a year of doing what I'm doing, I still feel the passion and the excitement expecially when I see my hardwork on print or on tv. But I'm not contented anymore. It was a choice before, but now it's not.

I'm not contented because the salary that I earn, I don't even really get to taste it. Three quarters of it goes to paying my bills : car loan, phone bill, dance class, insurance, credit card bills.

Friends ask me why I have credit cards. The reason for the credit card is to fund my spending so that I can at least taste a bit of my salary when I want to. Of course, it doesn't help that I am a shoppaholic.

Anyway, back to being discontented. Yes, I've started to feel very angry at myself because I can't even save up for a holiday. Each time I think I'm saving up, the money comes out paying for car service and the latest upcoming one, change car tyres. After that, it will be car service again and the before I know it, it's time to renew car insurance and road tax. And it doesn't help that most people my age in general are already earning a salary that is taxable while I'm still earning the salary of a fresh grad engineer.

So far, my dream of going back to Bali and going to Siem Reap as well as Boracay for a conference this year has slipped into the darkness. My goal of conquering Mount Kinabalu nest year is also starting to look a little shady.

If I wanted, I could quite my job and move to another agency. I've had people asking me if I wanna join them. But somehow, I like it here and plus I'm in training which is teaching me a lot of things. Hopefully when my one year here is up, I'll see some kind of hope. If I don't, then I guess its adios amigo.

Anyway, back to work.


Friday, March 21, 2008

2008 So Far

It's March and I've already gotten myself into quite a bit of stuff.

1) I went out with Vainpot and everything felt like it used to be.
2) I went and got myself Hand, Foot & Mouth disease.
3) I'm going for HotHouse.
4) Started training for KK.
5) Met an animator who's doing my Client's TVC who looks like Vainpot.

Ok la..not too bad seeing as its only 3 months into the year