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Monday, November 17, 2008

Ed & Cynthia

This is long overdue...Ed & SmallCyn's wedding pictures...the star at our table was BabyArchie.

The college girlfriends (well...some of us)

The task of giving a speech (JosiePosie & I)

The couple

The star at our table...BabyArchie! He was such a good baby. Never cried at all throughout the night.

FoxyIsabel feeding me while I babysit Archie. She just had to get one of me like that.
Yum Seng-ing with the couple

The college friends

I'm not pouting. I was making funny faces at Archie which makes him laugh a lot. He's a very happy baby.

To Ed & SmallCyn, I wish you every happiness in your marriage. May love always be the point where your two souls meet.



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