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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Cyn's Birthday

Ok, time to blog about Cyn's birthday. I've been so caught up with other stuff that I have not caught with these fabulous gals in a while. With so many clothes, as usual, Andrea still didn't know what to wear so FunkyMonkeyErin and Patience came over to sort me out. We only took 10 minutes to sort the clothes and spent the next few hours watching Sex and The City (Season 6). I finally saw the ending!

It started to pour as I was getting ready and I thought "great, so much for a night out. Now my shoes will be wet."
*stoned faced*

Lucky it stopped just as I was oing out the door. I was fashionably late to pick Cyn and Isabel. I'm usually on time but...oh well...blame it on the weather!

We went down town KL, met up with Steph for yummy Sze Chuan steamboat near Pudu Jail. Weirdest places for the best food.

Before dinner even started, we were camhoeing already! (Cyn, me and Steph)

Good food! By the way, Cyn is secretly hiding her party top under that 'aunty' looking cardigan coz the top exposes way too much flesh!

The Fabulous Four as the night unfolded...

The birthday gal, Cyn and her lover a.k.a boyfriend, Edward.

Isabel (Dancefloor Queen & photographer) & Steph

Cyn & Steph

I take a pic of you and you take a pic of me....that's what happened...we took everything we saw including this couple who was makin out right in front of us giving us a free show....the rating? Not very good. We gave them a 6.

Isabel and Maggie. Maggie works for FHM and we found out that she actually does client servicing for my company. Such a small world...

Isabel with Yeoh & Ze Tuan from her MBA course

Cyn is so obviously high here that she can't let go of the beer bottle! Caught you red-handed!

She really can't put it down! The cake came and she was still holding the bottle...Eh, Cyn, you Carlsberg Ambassador isit....hehehehe

Last but not least...the oh so hot German guy whom we met that night....He's 20!!!!!

Well, the night ended for us about 2 was a good time for us, catching up during dinner and then having fun after that.



Monday, May 29, 2006

Dear John Letter

Dear Jack In The Box,

There are times when you enter my mind, and memories good and bad, make me think of you more and more. I try to tell myself that maybe you have moved on and therefore I must move on too. But a part of me will always wonder if you're still there. Maybe you are, maybre you're not.

I keep asking myself what I did to push you far or was it you who walked away. I tell myself that maybe I should have tried harder but yet I tell myself that maybe I did try hard enough.

Last night, memories of you flooded my mind and I couldn't close my eyes to sleep. It hurt till I started to cry and that was when I finally fell asleep.

I am sorry for all that has happened to bring us to this stage. I am sorry that maybe I didn't love you better. I am sorry that maybe I am not in your thoughts anymore. I am sorry that this is how much you hate me. I am sorry that you feel that I cannot be a friend as well. Lastly, I am sorry that I find it hard to move on without an explanation but please let me let go.

Love always,


Thursday, May 25, 2006

X-Men 3

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I want to watch!!!


American Idol 5

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Ladies & Gentlemen... this year's American Idol, Taylor Hicks!!!!

Yay!!! I'm so glad he won!!! It's all over my msn....I'm shouting about it coz he deserves it!!!


Friday, May 19, 2006


Somebody please get me these two fabulous scents....pretty please!!!!!!


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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Just Shoot Me

I seem to be having a bad week over and over again! It's making me depressed. It's making me question if I'm cut out for this place. No one seems to be making it any easier! What the hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need release...


Wednesday, May 10, 2006


HELP! I'm shifting office! *BIG SOB* Where you might ask....KL!!!!! *Even Bigger SOB* When? Next month! So fast!

But if we have to do so, then so be it. Sigh, I will definitey miss PJ and everyone in this office....Yes, the advertising people are staying put while we media people are moving.

Darn!!! So much packing to do!!!! Die lor!!!!!


Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I need to rant! No, its not about a co-worker...damn it! I need to B****!!!!! (andrea's face is reddening)

When people tell you in advance that they would like to celebrate your brithday with some of your friends, you would happily oblige and say thanks or blush and say 'no need la' .

Here's the scenario. I sent an sms to this someone last night explaining I would like to do something for this person. This someone never replied. *What the Heck??!!* (By the colour of the words, those of you who know that yellow is this person's favourite colour, will know who I'm refering to)

Then I see him online and i asked him about it, he said he thought it was for someone else *Strike 1* -_-

So I tell him that I would like to organize something for him together with FunkyMonkeyErin and Little Mels. He has the cheek to say 'why so not special wan?' *Strike 2 - eye balls bulging*

So I say 'eh, you always complain we never do anything for you and now we are and you are still complaining'

This person keeps quiet for a while and then says 'see how la, cos I'll be away from June 5 to July 18' *STRIKE 3!!!!!!*

Wah liao...damn pissyfying! Bugger!!! People are nice enough to even think of you and this is what I get in return. AAARRRRHHHGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8#$$*&^@!!!?#@&

Andrea's mood currently : PISSED!


Monday, May 08, 2006

Of Grossness & Adrenaline Rush

I musta injured my toe somewhere and somehow because in the last few days, there has been pus forming in the may sound gross, but it doesn't look gross. I think I made it worse after Hip Hop yesterday...all thanks to your gruesome workout Joel Tan! In the end, I had to get up the courage, burn the needle, hold the toe really tight and poke a hole through it...Yes! The pus came oozing out! Gross!!!! But dear Andrea has to be a smarty pants and peel the skin and that caused it to bleed... *urgh* the amount of blood...

Ok, enough! B-dance is going ok, I've mastered the shoulder but Mr. Joel Tan doesn't think that's good enough! What???!!!! Anyway, went for his Hip Hop training programme after that and man...that was good! My adrenaline was really pumping and I was loving it to the max! And even better, I was taught by the 'Master' himself... *honoured betul!*



Thursday, May 04, 2006

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