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Monday, July 21, 2008

Of Full Moons, Past Loves and Current Status

It has been a month since I last wrote anything here. The last I wrote was just an announcement of Baby Archie.

Yesterday marked Baby Archie's 1 month in this world and we threw a nice full moon party for him by the pool. Well it was for him even though he was sleeping most of the time and the adults were the ones really enjoying themselves.

Funny enough, as I was enjoying the evening breeze, NeighbourlyLeeLian popped a question that was running in my mind the whole time...Have you heard from Choon Yow? Yes, i had been thinking about him as I was cooking for dinner. I had been thinking about him as NeighbourlyLeeLian and I drove to FoxyIsabel's place and I had been thinking about him as I sat there enjoying the breeze.

There are days when he pops into my mind, it is especially so when I've said or done something that he has done or said before. I wanna hate him for being a coward but mostly I just miss his friendship.

That aside, nothing much has been going on. It's just work, training at the studio and the occasional going out which is rare. It sounds like I have no life but the 2 good things coming out from all this is that my fitness level is going up with my waking up every morning for a workout and also the visible results that I've lost quite a bit of weight *big grin*



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