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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


It has been a while....Haven't had time to really sit down quietly at my place let alone think! In the midst of the spring cleaning to shift to the new office, I've been bogged down by work from all angles. Pretty much gone insane. I guess that explains my mood on Friday at Jace's birthday.

Met up with with Senorita Isabel to have dinner at Cafe Flam in Sunway. Don't ask me why they chose Sunway but all was well. I have to say I was quite surprised at the atmosphere at Sunway. It never struck me that Sunway has changed. That shows how often I actually go there! Dinner was good and it was good to have some time alone with my fabulous girl friend, Senorita Isabel. Thanks girl!

After dinner was Q-Bar. I have to say that they play good R & B but somehow, thanks to football, no one was dancing!! World Cup better be finished and done with. Oh well, it took us girls to get more girls dancing. Not bad...*cheeky grin*

Andrea likes to check out the scene when clubbing. Ah...not bad, found some guy looking. He was....ok looking...very piercing eyes....nice! Heeheehee....But oh so lameness, I think he tried to get closer to us but coming to stand around our circle of friends but he just stood there! Didn't even make his move! Apa la! But we did see him again when we left at 2 (oops!)...he said good night. Aiyo...Lame-nya!

No I'm not interested. He had nice eyes. That's about it and of course the fact that I think I saw him again on Sunday. Well, it looked like him. And no DannyBoy, I'm not talking about another interest. He is just a guy and I'm admiring God's creation just like you do sometimes!....with girls I mean.... >_<

Sorry, no pictures this time. None of us remembered the most important thing, digicam!


Thursday, June 22, 2006


Andrea has been very busy lately so she has no time to blog.....

Just a quick one. I finally took the leap to cut my hair into a bob and highlight the front red. Think Rogue of X-Men but with red streak instead. No time to take a picture and probably won't post it either.

Ok, gotta run! Toodles!


Friday, June 02, 2006

In light of some of the recent things that have happened...I won't state about who or what it was about...girls, you know who I talked about recently. Well, not just Jack In The Box, the other one....Dr. BL (ask me about the initials if you can't guess who)

Anyway, women deal with significant events, be it bad or good, in many ways. Some of us gorge ourselves on chocolate or ice-cream or even those deliciosly sweet cakes until we're sick. Some of us take ourselves out for retail therapy (this being the most common). Not so common ones are getting a tattoo or maybe even a piercing somewhere on the body to mark the events/event. I on the other hand, would sometimes take myself shopping but seeing as I'm short on cash and I don't wanna touch the credit card, I've decided on the unthinkable....cut my hair. Yes, I am gonna cut my the salon of course. The last time a significant event happened which was when something bad happened between Jack In The Box and I, I took it upon myself to get rid of the long hair and I cut it short if some of you remember...think pixie hair short. It took me forever to grow it out again. And now here were are again at this junction where I've decided to take the turn that leads me to cutting my hair again! Yes, I've decided and I'm not turning back.

For me, cutting my hair and changing my style is like trying to change my feng shui or karma or something...I don't believe in all that but you get the jist. Going to extreme of doing something that will change my whole apprearence, to me, is like steeping away for the current events and moving forward. I know I cannot change how he feels for her and I know I don't feel that way about him anymore but yet, what I know about the two of them, I wish I didn't know. And with that, the need to step out of myself occurs and the only release for me is to do something drastic...

Somehow changing my wardrobe just won't satisfy me personally or financially and thus the decision to cut my hair. Believe me, it won't be a trim of a few will be a total change but no more pixie hair cuts for now. The countdown starts now...