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Monday, November 17, 2008

Ed & Cynthia

This is long overdue...Ed & SmallCyn's wedding pictures...the star at our table was BabyArchie.

The college girlfriends (well...some of us)

The task of giving a speech (JosiePosie & I)

The couple

The star at our table...BabyArchie! He was such a good baby. Never cried at all throughout the night.

FoxyIsabel feeding me while I babysit Archie. She just had to get one of me like that.
Yum Seng-ing with the couple

The college friends

I'm not pouting. I was making funny faces at Archie which makes him laugh a lot. He's a very happy baby.

To Ed & SmallCyn, I wish you every happiness in your marriage. May love always be the point where your two souls meet.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Let Go & Let God

I don't want to talk too much about my recent homecoming with God for fear that things may turn the opposite in just a split second. My spirit is fragile and I am still rebelling but yet I know I must struggle to journey the road less travelled.

Anyway, God never ceases to amaze me especially in the more recent times of my life. The first week I reconciled with God, I rebelled against him. He taught me my first lesson with Jack In The Box. I will not detail it here as it is something of the past now and I do not want to remember that strange situation that I was put into. God's first lesson for me was 'let go and let God'. I needed to stop trying to take control and he taught me just that with this messy situation. It was also time for me to realize that Jack In The Box was a chapter I needed to close for good. Dear readers, Jack In The Box is now officially deleted from this blog, my phonebook and my life.

The next thing I needed to learn was to let go of people that were not in-sync with His plan for me i.e. Vainpot. My prayer was that if this person or relationship was not mine to be, then for him to take away the thoughts of wanting anything with this person. God did just that.

I still think of Vainpot...wait...but not in that way anymore. I think of him because I pray for a friend to come to know my Saviour the way I know Him. And that's the story for the day.