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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Yet Another Reminder

Little reminders tend spring out of nowhere whenever we seem to have put aside the thought. I have not thought of Jack In The Box in quite a while. Busy with work and other things going on in my life has made me subconsciously tune him out of my system. Yes, it has helped. But today of all days, I am reminded of him.

I was reading the newspapers today and I came accross this little review of The Lockup which used to be The Cockpit and Pharmacy. Instantly I am taken back to the memory of him. Suddenly, my mind is clouded with thoughts of him. What is he doing now? How is he? What happened to us? etc....

Cynthia asked me why I still think of him....My only reply to her and to the rest of you is that he was in my life for a long time and there are lots of memories and little things that remind me of him. I tell myself that I don't wanna be reminded because it hurts, but yet, here I am...thinking of him....and now I really understand the word 'bittersweet'....the good and the bad all in one.


Monday, March 27, 2006

V For Vendetta

A most definitely recommended movie to watch. Though it was taken from the comic, it was excellent! Posted by Picasa


Monday, March 20, 2006


Few updates for y'all:

I have been confirmed into the company. Yes, you got that right, I have been confirmed, so now maybe I can put those worries behind. Thank you for your prayers and support.

For those who didn't know, I was away the whole of last week on a much needed holiday. To Bangkok I went. It was wonderful to catch up with old friends of SSEAYP (Ship for South East Asian Youth Programme). Did I do a lot of shopping? It was substancial. The rest and relaxation was more important.

As for k____________t, I've calmed down from the other day. He and I have talked things out. He apologized....I'm hoping we'll still be friends...

Birthday Shout Out:
1) Joseph (20/3)
2) Kevin (21/3)
3) Patience (23/3)


Thursday, March 09, 2006

What The Heck!!!!

What the Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the second time it's happening to me but it has happened!!!!!!!
Why do guys seem to assume they know so much about a girl when they really don't? I've just been told that this guy knows that I like him....what the ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! %$#@*!#&??!!!!!!!!
Don't be so quick to make judgement and assume I like you....I never even said anything or did anything....ok, so I joked around with you on this subject about sending in my application and all but you have to assume right away that I like you??? I've joked with you about this stuff before!!!!! And I've mentioned countless times that I'm a teaser.....jeez!

How do I know all this??? Well, you can thank your little brother for it! k____________t...don't assume you know me!

I've never felt so humiliated before....this seems worse than the time I fell down on the road in college...coz back then I was really bleeding! my heart is really on my sleeve and crying!%$#@*!#&??!&!!! Well, you win...meeting you again I thought was's been a while since Jack In The Box and I thought maybe this was different...but it's the yeah, you were right, I did like you..but now I'm humiliated and somewhat disappointed...need to find a place so deep so I could bury myself for good!


Monday, March 06, 2006


Big thank you to TMT and Lemonademaker for giving your comments.

To TMT: I don't know if I have made the right decisions with regards to Myanmar. But let's look at it for a working point of view. I have only been working with the company for 6 months and therefore asking my boss to let me off for 7 days is a little too much. This is with a reminder that I am not confirmed yet. If I had been working for some time now, then it would have been a different case altogether. There were also other issues when it came to Myanmar but this is a chapter that I would like to close because the decision has been made already.

As for love, I'm just venting. If it happens, it happens. But I am trying and doing my best to trust that He will provide.

To Lemonademaker: Playing hard to gotta look at it from the girl's point of view too...if we didn't play hard to get, then you guys will think we're too easy. And it's hard for us to give out signals that we like you guys coz it might seem we're desperate...what's worse, you might not feel the same way and then we'd be at a dead where does that leave us?

But thanks for giving me some insight...I'll try to keep that in mind.


Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Time flies....I've already been in the company for 6 months...*big whoop!* I've screwed up but I'm only human....I've learnt from mistakes.

Some of you are probably asking "hey...she hasn't talked about Cuci Mata Object for a while now.." Well, here's the news, he's leaving for greener pastures. Yes, I will no longer see him walking around in the office. I've established my acquaintance with him and we joke around when we see each other but that's about it. Well, all the best to you, Cuci Mata Object.

On a more personal level, I'm doing much better than my last post. I've had time to settle the feelings of anxiety. It's not totally gone but at least it's at a manageable level.

On a another note, here's a question.... Do guys prefer to do the asking or would they prefer us girls doing the asking? Let me know...

My thoughts are everywhere so I think I'll stop now.