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Saturday, July 21, 2007


It's a saturday and I'm sitting at a cafe in 1U having lunch and trying to look for good books to use for our agency's townhall meeting which is coming up.

The townhall meeting is basically our office gathering to make announcements, R&R and birthday celebrations. During the meetings, 3 teams are suppose to present something. It can be anything from a great campaign theme or how to manage stress. It's my teams turn and we've been so busy that its slipped our mind. It only dawned on me this morning and hence, I'm trying to do my homework.

It's not really working for me...I'm like the only one here with a notebook and looking through books..I feel like a workaholic -_-

Gotta get out of her and go home and live like a normal person. I wonder what he's doing at this moment...



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